The Best Guide To How To Clean And Care For Your Guns

If you want to do the task right, get a borescope so you can look down the barrel and actually see what's going on. Without a borescope, you're working blind.


It is two separate jobs. Initially, you get to deal with powder fouling. Second, you need to eliminate copper fouling. Just then are you done. There are all sorts of quality gun-cleaning items out there. Here is a list of what I use. J Dewey nylon-coated cleaning rods. They are available in.



Eliminate the brush, hose pipe it down again, and put it aside to dry. Rub out the cleansing rod with a paper towel. Take your spot rod, and put 3 solvent repair the bore. The last one ought to come out almost white. When it does, follow with a dry spot.


(Do not get J-B or oil or anything else on the lens of your scope. If you see no copper, or just a faint wash of copper here and there, you're done.


Rifle Cleaning Supplies - Truths


If you do not have a borescope, run a solvent restore the bore and let it sit, muzzle somewhat down, for a couple of hours. Run another solvent patch through, and if it comes out clean, you're done, however if it has green or blue spots, back to the J-B.


As a guideline, the more you invest on a barrel the smoother it will be and the less it will foul. Every barrel fouls to one degree or another. I've had one or two cases where a barrel all of a sudden began to group as I reached the end of the process, but I've had far more break-ins that made no difference at all.


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They work, sometimes, however if you forget and leave the things in your bore for more than 15 minutes, they will pit your bore however great, and because I'm at the age where I forget stuff, I'm reluctant to take the opportunity. They're hell on stock surfaces. With a bolt-action, go simple on the Break-Free.


Take a cue from the military, whose lives depend on their guns going bang. They want them immaculate. And immaculate is an excellent method to go.


A Biased View of Cleaning Your Rifle


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The actions to properly clean your rifle depend on whether you are doing a field stripping or complete disassembly. Due to the variety of rifles, complete disassembly of the gun aren't within the scope of this article.


Using a cleaning tool, such as a utility brush or cleaning swabs, and remove any loose particles that may be found within the action, bolt, receiver, frame and chamber. Heavy fouling can be eliminated with a light application of cleaner and enabling it to sit for a few minutes prior to brushing.


One typical misconception is that more is much better when it comes to lubrication of your gun.


The treatment is easy. Soak a couple spots in this solvent and run them down the barrel. (Keep in mind, keep your barrel secured or pointed down to avoid any solvent collecting near the actionsee Action 1.) Enable it to sit, and bear in mind that eliminating copper can take a while.


Excitement About Firearms Cleaning And Maintenance


If the patch comes out stained blue, you still have copper in the barrel. Bill Buckley Note: There's a lot of talk about how these copper solvents can harm your bore.


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What you don't want is to let any ammonia solvent dry out therein. So as soon as you're pleased that the copper is gone, run a couple of dry patches down the bore, followed by a number of spots that have actually been wet with a regular cleansing solvent. Run 3 or four dry patches down the bore to remove any staying solvent.

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